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Become a Certified TetraMap Facilitator.  Visit our events page for 2018 dates.


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TetraMap UK partner with O2 to host a development day for TetraMap Certified Facilitators.  

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Anne Clews and Martin Coburn talk about how TetraMap can transform performance.

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A quick introduction to TetraMap and how its model is based on nature.

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TetraMap: a training tool for better behaviour and performance in the workplace.

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We asked facilitators around the globe to describe TetraMap in two sentences or less. Here are some of the diverse answers we received to help you understand what makes this learning tool unique.

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Customers come in all shapes and sizes. Would understanding the nature of each individual customer's needs improve sales and ensure optimum customer care?

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Have you ever been asked, 'Why are you like that?' The foundation of understanding behaviour is understanding self, then use that understanding to start to recognise behaviours and preferences in others.

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Planning as a team taps into the value of diversity (the more the merrier, and the more mutual ownership). Appreciate what others offer and benefit from a broad range of perspectives.

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Anne Clews of TetraMapUK talks about how to utilise the tool in the workplace.

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We were delighted to deliver our first certification course in South Africa. Hear what some of the delegates have to say about the programme and the TetraMap model.


We needed a tool which would engage learners globally and TetraMap’s “simplicity of the concepts and language” makes it easy to get the message across even when English is not the first language. People readily get on board with TetraMap as it does not label but celebrates the positive nature of behaviour.

Gabriele GalassiGlobal Organisational Development, BBC Worldwide 

“TetraMap is a game changer for teams and I always receive positive feedback from participants.    They love the concept of the metaphor, its simplicity and the authenticity of valuing diversity in the workplace. Teams go away feeling engaged, valued and inspired”  Ian Blackwell –  Site Coach, AstraZeneca UK Operations