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It's not exactly rocket science ... or is it?

Monday, 16 April 2018
Louise Duncan

Meaning: Simple, easy; something that lacks complexity and is not too difficult to do or understand.
Can humans live on Mars? 
Elon Musk is optimistic, and he has already sent a Tesla to check it out! His futuristic image of life on Mars portrays a geodesic dome, no less.

Can humans send a star into space? Peter Beck already did and here is his why.  

“No matter where you are in the world, rich or in poverty, in conflict or at peace, everyone will be able to see the bright, blinking Humanity Star orbiting Earth in the night sky. My hope is that everyone looking up at the Humanity Star will look past it to the expanse of the universe, feel a connection to our place in it and think a little differently about their lives, actions and what is important“.  

Concerned with the future of humanity and the finite resources of our planet – as Buckminster Fuller was in his time.e applaud their brilliance, dedication, creativity, commitment and undoubted legacies.

What they’re doing at Space X and Rocket Lab doing most certainly is rocket science –  and of course, they happen to make it look easy when we all know it is most certainly not. In fact, the opposite is true.

But what about something that appears to be easy and is not rocket science?

I’m talking about communication and those other tricky, hard to define ‘soft skills’ – where rocket science doesn’t really help us much.  When we’re dealing with topics like empathy, relationships, emotional intelligence, and purposeful communication – practical tools and maps are often more helpful.

Soft skills are wrongly named because for most of us they’re really hard

Let’s explore that definition again in the context of communication in our everyday lives at work, at home and in our community. 
Simple, easy; something that lacks complexity and is not too difficult to do or understand.

Hmmm. Some ‘profiling tools’ are almost in the league of rocket science – because there is so much complexity wrapped around them. How does an ENFP show empathy with an ISTJ?  (Mostly, I have no idea)

TetraMap is not exactly rocket science – but it does help make those hard to master soft skills a whole lot easier to learn and understand. After all, today’s catch-phrase is ‘simplify’ not ‘complexify’!

We think TetraMap’s value is in helping make people’s lives happier, healthier and more harmonious – and in my book that is worth quite a few rockets!  We’d love your comments on this…

"To date I've facilitated 24 TetraMap sessions since being accredited, each session bringing different learning and understanding every time.  I've witnessed some  momentous 'lightbulb' moments for some people, which makes my day.  The biggest win for me with TetraMap is that it's just so applicable in the workplace, delegates remember their preference, and are still having discussion about it 6 months down the line."

- Ally Wightman
Senior Leadership Development Consultant, Telefonica UK

"I always choose TetraMap as the model of behaviour because the feedback from delegates consistently reflects a positive experience and extremely high application back in the 'real world'.  It's reassuring to be approached by delegates from years gone by to be told how the experience has changed their lives for the better, both inside and outside of work."

- Dan Masters
Training Consultant

"It's a phenomenally powerful tool for managers to communicate more effectively with their team."

- Ben Long
Trainer, BSkyB

"We are delighted with the results which speak for themselves.  TetraMap is the most memorable take away from the Ignite programme.  We have used the model in our management training to help improve coaching skills, communication skills and how to recognise how the different elements behave under stress.  This has been invaluable in helping our managers develop their teams more effectively."

- Tessa Roff
Training Manager, Nationwide Building Society

TetraMap is probably one of the most power and simple tools I have come across to get people, teams and communities working together constructively and with massive speed and accuracy.

- Jacques Marais. Executive Chairman, IPMS Global