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Become a Certified TetraMap Facilitator.  Visit our events page for 2018 dates.


“Immerse yourself in a journey of discovery and learning.”

Becoming a TetraMap facilitator is more than just “adding another string to your bow”. Our certification programme will not only give you the knowledge and skills to be a TetraMap facilitator but provide you with a life-long learning tool.

You will learn:

  • How to facilitate the 'Why are you like that?'  process and workbook exercises.
  • A working knowledge of TetraMap through practice and application to your specific requirements.
  • How TetraMap establishes a natural foundation for managing others, teamwork, leadership, performance and sales & service.
  • Techniques to improve your communication, relationships and facilitation.
  • How the nature of metaphor and the tetrahedron shape visually and kinesthetically helps you to explain diversity in leadership, teamwork, change and development.


Our certification programme will give you:

  • The credential of Certified TetraMap Facilitator
  • The knowledge and skills to effectively facilitate TetraMap workshops
  • The ability to integrate TetraMap into your specific training solutions

Register for one of our open programmes or contact us to find out more about certifying your own trainer’s in-house.

We needed a tool which would engage learners globally and TetraMap’s “simplicity of the concepts and language” makes it easy to get the message across even when English is not the first language. People readily get on board with TetraMap as it does not label but celebrates the positive nature of behaviour.

Gabriele GalassiGlobal Organisational Development, BBC Worldwide 

“TetraMap is a game changer for teams and I always receive positive feedback from participants.    They love the concept of the metaphor, its simplicity and the authenticity of valuing diversity in the workplace. Teams go away feeling engaged, valued and inspired”  Ian Blackwell –  Site Coach, AstraZeneca UK Operations