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Certification Course Feedback

"TetraMap is so much more than a preference profiling tool. Come with an open mind and put aside any reservations you may have about profiling tools as a result of others you may have used in the past. This is refreshingly different."

- Sue Chapman
Freelance Trainer and Coach

"Facilitation style and trainer were excellent.  Really interactive, good fun but also learnt a lot."

- Sophie Stockdale
National Youth Agency

"The TetraMap is a tool with which will equip me to better recognise the Elements in others and in myself; and this will certainly improve my approach and manner of engagement with others.  This is empowering."

- Vanita Haupt
Management Consultant, South Africa

"TetraMap adds value in terms of getting team cohesion and breaking down of Silo's.

The accreditation course enhanced my communication skills and training techniques.  Well worth it for any trainer looking to widen their scope and product offering."

- Tyrone Bosman
Owner, Trainer and Facilitator, Triskelion Training Solutions

"I have found that I h ave referenced TetraMap a lot.  I'm constantly trying to work out others' preferences.  It helps me to figure out why people behave the way they do.  The accreditation was brilliant and better than any of the other things I have carried out."

- Katy Neilson
O2, Think Big

"TetraMap will be hugely valuable for our team to understand one another better and then function better as a team.  For me it's really helped me think differently about how I work with people different from me and how I can adapt my approach to work better for different audiences.  About the accreditation, be open minded - when I first read about it I was really skeptical, it looked really 'fluffy' but it's hugely practical and beneficial."

- Camilla Smith

"Exercises were fun and relevant.  I use TetraMap to look at my team's stengths and preferences.  Absolutely loved it; thank you so much!"

- Sharon Cross
Trainer, Home Retail Group

"Only one week after my TetraMap certification course, I can honestly say it's truly amazing to watch the Elements play out in day-to-day life; this really does give a calming effect as well as great understanding."

- Damien Christie-Hewitt
Trainer, UK Power Networks

"Thank you so much for running the course.  It really was the best course I have ever been on.  It was so inspiring and enjoyable, and I had more 'aha' moments than ever before!"

- Christine Walkley
Liverpool Womens Hospital, UK

This is not like other courses in the same catagory, much simpler to remember, more fun and engageing.

-Danny Tangney 

Amazon Data Services

"To date I've facilitated 24 TetraMap sessions since being accredited, each session bringing different learning and understanding every time.  I've witnessed some  momentous 'lightbulb' moments for some people, which makes my day.  The biggest win for me with TetraMap is that it's just so applicable in the workplace, delegates remember their preference, and are still having discussion about it 6 months down the line."

- Ally Wightman
Senior Leadership Development Consultant, Telefonica UK

"I always choose TetraMap as the model of behaviour because the feedback from delegates consistently reflects a positive experience and extremely high application back in the 'real world'.  It's reassuring to be approached by delegates from years gone by to be told how the experience has changed their lives for the better, both inside and outside of work."

- Dan Masters
Training Consultant

"It's a phenomenally powerful tool for managers to communicate more effectively with their team."

- Ben Long
Trainer, BSkyB

"We are delighted with the results which speak for themselves.  TetraMap is the most memorable take away from the Ignite programme.  We have used the model in our management training to help improve coaching skills, communication skills and how to recognise how the different elements behave under stress.  This has been invaluable in helping our managers develop their teams more effectively."

- Tessa Roff
Training Manager, Nationwide Building Society

TetraMap is probably one of the most power and simple tools I have come across to get people, teams and communities working together constructively and with massive speed and accuracy.

- Jacques Marais. Executive Chairman, IPMS Global