TetraMap UK - Behavioural systems, training and people development

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TetraMap UK

TetraMap® is a refreshing learning model that solves problems by transforming individual and team performance.

TetraMap is the next generation in behavioural systems and people development.  Designed to deliver a memorable and inspiring learning experience, TetraMap is used globally to accelerate and embed positive cultural and behavioural change.

TetraMap training resources include a range of workbooks, e-learning and facilitator tools that enables understanding and application.

Using both the metaphor and principles of nature, alongside nature’s strongest shape the Tetrahedron, TetraMap provides a unique model which helps us to achieve holistic and sustainable solutions.

TetraMap provides a stable framework that ensures attention is paid to multiple perspectives, and encourages us to work inter-dependently and synergistically.

TetraMap facilitators use a “whole brain” learning approach designed to deliver memorable and engaging workshops, shifting mindsets and building self-esteem.  

Like Nature:
Value Diversity
Be Sustainable
Work Inter-dependently
Create Synergy


"To date I've facilitated 24 TetraMap sessions since being accredited, each session bringing different learning and understanding every time.  I've witnessed some  momentous 'lightbulb' moments for some people, which makes my day.  The biggest win for me with TetraMap is that it's just so applicable in the workplace, delegates remember their preference, and are still having discussion about it 6 months down the line."

- Ally Wightman
Senior Leadership Development Consultant, Telefonica UK

"I always choose TetraMap as the model of behaviour because the feedback from delegates consistently reflects a positive experience and extremely high application back in the 'real world'.  It's reassuring to be approached by delegates from years gone by to be told how the experience has changed their lives for the better, both inside and outside of work."

- Dan Masters
Training Consultant

"It's a phenomenally powerful tool for managers to communicate more effectively with their team."

- Ben Long
Trainer, BSkyB

"We are delighted with the results which speak for themselves.  TetraMap is the most memorable take away from the Ignite programme.  We have used the model in our management training to help improve coaching skills, communication skills and how to recognise how the different elements behave under stress.  This has been invaluable in helping our managers develop their teams more effectively."

- Tessa Roff
Training Manager, Nationwide Building Society

TetraMap is probably one of the most power and simple tools I have come across to get people, teams and communities working together constructively and with massive speed and accuracy.

- Jacques Marais. Executive Chairman, IPMS Global